Why Trump canceling the secret meeting between the US and Afghan Taliban was not helpful?

Why Trump canceling the secret meeting between the US and Afghan Taliban was not helpful?

U.S. President Donald Trump canceled Afghanistan’s meeting in Camp David to include Taliban and Afghan President after 12 innocent people including American soldier were killed in bombing in Kabul.

The Taliban called the cancellation of the meeting a negative impact on American public which would drag the war to continue.

After the Soviet’s collapse, American regime has been footing in war zone countries, making millions to become refugees, and many getting killed in the battle field.

The decision by Trump to cancel this secret meeting with Taliban was not helpful. Allowing such talks to continue would create the conditions for which Afghan people can live peaceful in their nation. Talks produce a concrete agreement which all sides can agree to.

But for the past year, the peace talks have been going on in Doha, Moscow, Dubai and even in Kabul, and this meeting with Trump would have seen the agreement come into effect.

It was not helpful for Trump to cancel the secret meeting of the Afghan Taliban.