Active in the community

Political profile

Meladul Haq Ahmadzai was a candidate in the 2014 Ottawa Municipal election. His platform was seen by many as controversial and radical amid his intentions of understanding the issues surrounding city politics. His eagerness allowed him to conduct two surveys: the first on road safety for cyclists where it was concluded that Laurier Ave bike lane was most dangerous of all the lanes in Ottawa. And as well a survey on the views of the citizens on LRT a 3 billion dollar project where it was founded that majority of citizens opted for better services instead of the new light rail train. During this time, he was featured in the media that is Ottawa Citizen, and the Ottawa Business Journal.

Business profile

In 2011, Ahmadzai founded Taleam Systems, a computer service company based in Ottawa, Canada to assist small business and organizations in maintaining their security on pc’s and laptops. Since, Ahmadzai established partnerships on behalf of the company with Intel, IBM, Lenovo and others to name a few. As well, he provided advice to a BlackBerry Software engineer based in Ottawa on how to put BlackBerry in competition with Microsoft and other software companies by directly focusing on security products. Today, BlackBerry is no longer a phone company, it is a growing company on the front of new era smartphone security.