Mosques radicalize young people and the Canadian government knows it

Recently across Canada, many young Muslims have become radicalized and according to security experts this is due to the teachings that mosques gives during Friday prayers.

I witness some of this nonsense when I use to pray at the Assalam Mosque in Ottawa. Namely, the imam also known as the leader of the prayer were saying things like atheist and non-believers of religion should die.

Unfortunately, this trend or preaching is used all over Canada. MP’s such as David McGuinty has visited these mosques and hasn’t raise the alarm yet. Instead, he became the head of the secret committee after Liberals came to power to monitor these radicalized young people after the fact. This is not the answer.

It violates human rights and the charter that Trudeau’s father brought in. Putting up drones in the air to follow these people isn’t the alternative – it violates all Canadian people’s rights. David McGuinty MP needs to resign from Parliament since he already knows about this activity.

What astonished me the most was the fact that this issue is now in the hands of military and has become a national issue. No more should we let mosques allow to radicalize not only muslims but as well as Christians at a time when some of them have gone to Syria and Iraq to fight government forces.

No doubt, mosques should be monitored inside and out and should also be blacklisted from charitable status. Luckily, Assalam Mosque recently lost its charitable status, but the radicalization continues and clearly the government knows its happening.

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Former candidate in municipal elections in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.