Religious groups shouldn’t stand with political parties in upcoming election, lesson learned

As we have seen, the Liberals successfully pull basically all religious into one which lead to their victory in 2015.
It’s not about the party rather about the future improvement to health, businesses, jobs, etc.
It’s clear that they (religious groups) don’t get anything for their contributions, time and community gatherings in support of voting for a specific party.
Religious members should be neutral during this time, if they do not, it means brainwashing the entire community. This process changes the results of an election.
Important point is that leaders work for Canada not religious groups such as Islam, Christianity, Sikhs and so forth.
First, political parties support businesses that create jobs for hard working Canadians. It’s not good to publicize religious events of political parties in media such as David McGuinty of Ottawa attending Muslim mosques. It creates hate and backfire at the very values that citizens see – humanity, equal, fairness, justice, etc.
However, the facts and records are clear. Canadian media seems to like these things as such MP’s do it for the thrill of it.
Religious groups and politics have no such relation, in fact there is a big line between the two.
The only good is that it tears communities, and politicians benefits.

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