Why some nonprofits in Canada maybe pro government

This week we have learned that World Vision Canada and Amnesty International Canada and other nonprofit organizations just might be pro government. Their mission is to alleviate poverty and promote human rights. In the Canadian law context, these organizations must operate without government control. However, there is evidence to suggest that some nonprofits maybe under the government control including those mentioned above.
So what does this mean for the sector? The fact that government and nonprofit are two sets of fields, they do in fact get funding and sometime promote or go against the government policies.
Recently, the United Nations announced a set of goals that is more than 15 targets to reach, and many of the organizations are adhere to those goals.
Africa, Syria, Somalia and Afghanistan are always a priority, however, foreign governments accuse the low-income countries of corruption and violence. Who is to blame? This article proposes that governments must continue to provide funding, but in doing so, they should not dictate the nonprofits on how to run the programs.
Also, U.S. President Trump has taken away $1.5 B from the Afghan government in order to fund the wall with Mexico, but Trump repeatedly said that Mexico would pay for it.
Research, health services, and other essential aid is critical to see low-income countries get back on its feet. Going forward, nonprofits must distinguish and debate policies that of government concern or that of poor people needs.

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