The Aftermath of Afghan War in 2021

Date: November 25, 2021

The war in Afghanistan that many Westerns and Afghans believed it would completely end has now turned to an illusion of great hardships and humanitarian need.

Afghanistan has faced decades of war; first with the Soviets followed by Americans. But today, ordinary people in Afghanistan have been under strict lockdown, for months, not because of the current health crisis, but due to un-recognition by foreign countries that includes the Canada, USA, and UK.

Luckily for the Afghans, right now, world leaders are starting to recognize the current catastrophe caused by wars which has shattered many lives in the country. There has never been a time like this than right now that the need in the war-torn country is great. So great, that on the ground, most international NGO’s have also stopped their activities which is making things worse, and many of the financial institutions are going to go bankrupt in a matter of months. This shows that the wider international community has continued to monitor the progress, but not yet acted to the Afghanistan situation at a time when their financial support is urgently needed.

Very recently, there has been some progress made such as the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently offering to support people in Afghanistan during this time of much need.

Why we are here today?

In February 2020, the United States government signed a joint agreement with the Taliban to leave Afghan soil. This led to the collapse of the democratic Afghan government run by the former President Ashraf Ghani. The collapse took place in mid-August of this year very rapidly. This in turn left the Taliban regime with a chaotic country that no one had predicted. Fear of retaliation, and no affirmative government in Afghanistan, foreign countries decided to withhold Afghanistan funds and cut-off humanitarian aid under the Taliban regime.

Today, most countries have opened up their arms to Afghan refugees which are offering resettlement support, but many Afghans are unable to find the route to exit.

Meanwhile, the Taliban regime have pleaded to foreign governments for political cooperation, a country that has faced decades of war as explained, and now relies solely on international aid. Indeed, in the recent press release of the unelected Taliban group requested the USA government to release funds back to the Afghans. Yet, faced with all these challenges, the Taliban regime is working with neighbouring countries to open the borders and increase trade efforts.

World leaders must collectively work with Boris Johnson to respond to the Afghanistan situation — now is the time for full cooperation to help Afghans, not later.


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