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More Promises Made By City Councillors As LRT Continues To See Delays

City Hall officials voted early this week to freeze transport costs, but they rejected the offer that free rides would be provided once light rail starts to run. After heated backlash from the cyclists members, council decided to do something about the bike lane issue at Laurier Ave, despite campaigns and studies done years early […]

Citizens are key to leading political problems with solutions

No doubt that councillors in Ottawa have agreed that downtown bike lanes are dangerous, but I have been calling for the same results since my early rookie political days back in 2014. Get it straight, when I ran for city councillor, my eyes became wide open to the issues surrounding our city. So I conducted […]

Canada’s NDP party has a cancer problem, two former leaders dead

The former leader of the NDP which was Jack Layton, unfortunateley, died of a cancer. Young people supported Layton, and he captured the attention of many Canadians, if not most. Watching Layton on Youtube debating the issue with Harper was of great debate. Recently, another NDP has died of brain cancer. His name Paul Dewar. […]

Doug Ford doesn’t care about Toronto’s gay city parade, only eyes on votes

Today the pride parade for gay people took place in Toronto and Premier Doug Ford was part in it. In this event, politicians and community groups simply walk on the city street to show their symbolic image. This includes body parts, images and often slogans. Every major city has pride parades. The Fordnation supporters were […]

Governments should study marijuana usage, eventually increase price

The federal government under the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has legalized marijuana in Canada. This is a good step forward, but has the government studied the usage among young adults? What are the benefits of using weed on daily basis? What harm does it do to the public in the long run? These […]

Ottawa council to make roads safer, Toronto should follow

Ottawa city council will likely take every possible action to make roads safer. They have already made changes to the O-Train schedule and the number of trains on the tracks to encourage people to use a safer method of transportation. Thanks to Mayor of Ottawa, riders will soon have an extra option added to their […]

Ottawa: Mayor Watson should reduce parking costs in the city

Ottawa’s mayor Jim Watson has some ambitious plans including a $4 billion LRT project which is underway in Ottawa. But the south end will unlikely see the light rail by the end of the summer. The people pay for car gas, but also for parking costs roughly $10 per day when they represent government and […]

Buses are very slow to get people to work on time in Ottawa city

The OC Transport has probably taken every possible action to try to address the issue of slowness which can be see by the recent changes to the O-Train schedule and number of trains on the tracks. But buses are very slow to get people to work on time. Thanks to Ottawa, riders will have an […]

Opinion: Doug Ford should improve Ontario’s health quality, not make it worse

According to research, Ontarians suffer from heavy alcohol problem, and more than 4,000 die of suicide in this province each year alone. Recently, Mr. Ford has announced to sell $1 beer in convenience stores, but the public has backlashed at this premier because it is an unacceptable way for him to money grab. He has […]

Why Premier Doug Ford has ‘political motives’ and acting as a ‘loser’ in Ontario’s interest

This premier has implemented a $1 beer and has also given go signal to stores to sell cheap alcohol at convenience stores. SourceThis week he contradicted himself that is he wants to start a center of mental health excellence. The public has backlash at this that what good would it do. SourceThe premier has “political […]

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