Meladul Haq Ahmadzai


Afghan Warlords to Skip National Peace Process Discussion

Earlier this week, Afghan former president Karzai said that the move by the current government to organize a local peace process discussion is not what the country needs at the moment. After this, Hekmatyar, Atmar, and others said they too want no part in the discussions.Warlords want no part of the civilians taking part in […]

What threat poses Canada for present on domestic-foreign policy front?

Canada will soon debate the issue of threat to domestic-foreign policy in the upcoming election and Canadians are going to vote for the party that understands the needs of internal Canadians. In 2015-16 Canada invited a big number of Syrian refugees amid backlash on security front. Source: However not enough attention was given to […]

Canada needs affordable housing to break the poverty line in the country

The upcoming election in Canada will likely include “poverty” and why it costs almost $300 billion a year to sustain the people, a question that will likely be asked from the party leaders. This work also promised by Ottawa’s mayor, has yet to find a vision into reality. Therefore, society is left to cripple amid […]

Scandal in Canada’s Parliament leaves several officials to resign

Justin Trudeau’s members of cabinet abruptly resigned this week due to scandal within the country. So far, Treasury minister, Attorney General and recently Privy Council Clerk quit their job. It is unclear as to why these people resigned, however, one might think that Trudeau might have asked them to resign in order to not drag […]

Fraudsters are evidently in control of results of local elections – Ottawa

The last two elections in Ottawa clearly show how fraudsters are behind closed doors making deals with candidates to win. Who has the money? Election, as we think, is or at least should be about democracy and fairness. However, leading to election poll shows that many do not vote in city politics therefore questions remain […]

Report: Afghanistan’s war leaves 10,000 civilians hurt last year alone, president says other figure

The United Nations mission in Afghanistan has put out fresh stats on the civilian casualties in Afghanistan. The numbers aren’t accurate and makes no sense. It states that civilian casualties reached 10,000 in 2018. The report further adds that 32,000 civilians killed and another 60,000 injured since they started counting 10 years ago in Afghanistan. […]

Afghanistan goes from “war” to “peace” to “self-reliance path”

A We’ve seen the facts of child soldiers participating in combat zones such as Afghanistan, and elsewhere. This included a Canadian named Omar Khadr who was 15 when wounded by U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Khadr took the Canadian agents to court and that according to Toronto Star report, he received some 10.5 million dollars. Last […]

Paul Dewar: Hardworking advocate for community passes away after battle with cancer despite millions in research at hospitals

Date: February 6, 2019 Paul Dewar: Hardworking advocate for community passes away after battle with cancer despite millions in research at hospitals Paul Dewar of Ottawa area died a few hours ago after battle with brain cancer. Dewar was a political figure in the Canadian politics particularly in the NDP party. He announced his battle […]

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