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Donald Trump says no to Refugees of war – ignoring the key to the future

Donald Trump doesn’t want refugees of war – the only key to replacing U.S. disabled population in future

The situation of Refugees under Donald Trump after 2017
American President Donald Trump has been very hard on the refugees of the world namely those caught in conflict in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Iraq all of whom want a safer place to go to. Not only has the President turned most of his American fellow people on his side – making the slogan “Make America Great Again” not helpful in the long run.

Table 1:
Country Amount received Total disabled persons
United States 1000 56 million

If we think about it, there about 60 Million disabled Americans in the country that only takes away from the economy, however, the issue of refugees is in hundred thousands, therefore the U.S. while not helping in the conflict – in long run they are not helping themselves.
Analysis of the income if we put it at one thousand dollars per person who is disabled in US receives on a monthly basis, leaves a total cost of sixty billion per month to the U.S. administration.

How many Syria refugees denied in US?
Prior to President Trump’s election, under Obama regime there were about 20,000 refugees settling in US on annual basis. However, this number reduced to some 400 to 500 after Trump took office.

US contribution towards refugees in Turkey and neighboring countries
According to the State Department website about $6.5 billion dollars have been spent on the refugees in Turkey and elsewhere including those settled in Iraq since 2011. It would be wise to note that this “war monopoly” means that several countries are involved politically.

In history, we have seen that Libya was overthrown and so was Iraq. As a result the middle east never got a chance to develop its trade and economy. The US continued to dig the region until just recently Trump to pull out troops.

There are five million refugees of whom received five billion in humanitarian aid. It would be clear that the majority displaced within the country, hasn’t yet received money because that would total to 12 billion as there are in total 13 million population need aid.

It is crystal clear that Donald Trump doesn’t understands refugee needs, let alone his country people’s needs – a wall between Mexico and US or support for those in need something he would have a challenge balancing during his time.

Donald Trump says no to Refugees of war – ignoring the key to the future

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