Canadians fell in love with Justin Trudeau in 2015. Should they support him in 2019?

Canadians fell in love with Justin Trudeau in 2015. Should they support him in 2019?

At a young age, Justin Trudeau probably attended every college or university bash parties. Recently, an image showing him with black painted face went viral on Twitter and Facebook and Canadians learned of his true character.

In 2015, Canada supported the reintegration of somewhat 40,000 Syrian refugees, but it only makes sense that we provide education and health care to them so that Canada can go on forward. With no proper plan, Trudeau housed these people in hotels, motels, and guesthouses. We also know that the government opened free space at an army campus to provide shelter for them.

Justin Trudeau won with a majority and to this day he has maintained his ranks in the polls. Are Canadians still in love with him?

There are three issues to consider when going to the election polls to cast your ballot:

  1. How will Trudeau help new immigrants including those from the US when there is no clear plan to house and support them?
  2. Will Trudeau help start-up your small business?
  3. Will he also pay for your child’s day care while you are at a part time job?

These are some issues among others include climate change, partnerships with different levels of government, and creating policies for the benefit of Canadians.

Under Trudeau, the Canadian government has created about 1.6 million jobs since 2015 to present and most of them are full-time. In his own words, Trudeau said “there’s more work to do.”

It is now up to Canadians to decide to give the vote to the Liberals or to another party. The election is on October 21, 2019.