In Afghanistan, Government Changes & Human Safety Deteriorates

Now that the US’s peace talks with Taliban have failed, Afghan people should move on and participate in the election for the sake of the future. But Ghani is not the man to lead the country again despite his credentials. Top candidates have either resigned or regrouped for the upcoming election.

It seems that security will always be on the governments mind. But today, they are getting ready for elections. Ghani has been clear – Afghan people wants transparent elections. Meanwhile, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar has said that Afghan President seat to be won by about one million votes.

According to recent events, Afghanistan is the most dangerous country in the world with US, Afghan, Taliban and ISIS forces active in the country carrying attacks on innocent civilians. The newest figure put number of death rates at 50 people per day killed and the older figure put it at 100 people per day.

The September election in 2019 of Afghanistan should prevail by that Afghans must take part in it. Election runners should share their agendas with the people through tv ads, village gatherings and after mosque prayers.

Although, government changes, but the people need will not change. They will continue to need aid of government actors, basic food and refugee kits, etc. The winter season is coming up quickly and the Afghan people will need to stay warm or else face climate change crisis.