Opinion: A bridge for peace agreement collapsed between U.S. and Taliban, but Afghans want to rebuild it

Opinion: A bridge for peace agreement collapsed between U.S. and Taliban, but Afghans want to rebuild it

U.S. President Donald Trump called off Afghanistan’s Taliban members trip to Camp David for secret peace deal. Trump did not say anything more but blamed the Taliban for recent attacks that killed 12 innocent people including one American soldier in Kabul.

This comes at a time when Trump has refused to sign the peace agreement with Taliban, and so has several of U.S. government officials to end the Afghan war.

Earlier in the year, Trump said that he could wipe out Afghanistan from the map but that he doesn’t want to do it because 10 million Afghans would die. He also ordered the “Mother of all bombs” on innocent Afghanistan people in eastern part of the country.

According to Taliban leader, the U.S. government wanted peace talks as early as 2007. The talks officially started in 2010 under former President Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s President was also invited to Taliban meeting in the US, but Ashraf Ghani said that the meeting has been postponed.

This will likely not change the Taliban’s view on the war in Afghanistan, and Trump may seek peace talks with Taliban despite attacks as the war has been going on for past 18 years.

In addition, Trump has promised to end the war in Afghanistan as part of his election campaign (an election mostly won due to Russia’s support) and bring back US soldiers from the war-torn country that has costed $1 trillion.

Under Trump, women are still unable to find jobs in Afghanistan and girl schools have been shut down despite allocated millions of dollars.

A country that begins in the stages of peacefulness, sees no longer fighting, and works towards prosperity of the people.

Previous leaders of Afghanistan, including King Zahir Shah, and former President Hamid Karzai believed in the American regime’s support in the country. What they don’t support is the bombing, airstrikes and killing of Afghan civilians.

Recently the Ahmadzai tribe in Nangarhar province called for “real peace” in the country. There are other groups such UNAMA have also called on the government for a durable peace process and for the bloodshed to end.

Although the bridge has collapsed for now, but it would be rebuilt because the Afghan people really need peace in their country.