Trudeau, Scheer won’t see Bernier in Canada federal debates

Lately, Canadian politics seems down for the wishes of Maxime Bernier, representing the PPC in the upcoming election. He was originally elected to the Conservative party but after departing from that political group just recently. He created the People’s Party of Canada (PPC). This party has roughly 40,000 members so far. If they succeed in the election, the Bernier’s party could have about 6 seats in the House of Commons. This would be more than the Green party which currently has 2 members elected and somehow runs in all the election debates under Elizabeth May.

Bernier stands for representing the diversity in Canada and he wants to cut immigration like what the leader in the US has done. But debates in the US as we have seen differs from Canada. Firstly, they are long, and involves months in advance preparations. But even in the bottom, the city elections across Canada does not say no to any candidate that they can’t participate in debates. 

How would people learn about Bernier’s vision if he doesn’t show up in federal debates? PPC completed all paperwork for the registration of the party last year in October and they officially became registered in January 2019. But the newly governments criteria set out by Elections Canada was criticized by Bernier as it states that party should have gotten 4 percent of votes in 2015 election and as well a greater chance of winning seats in 2019 election in order to participate in debates. 

But the Green got only 3.5 percent and they are still allowed to run. Bernier is disappointed because even though his party is new, but the likelihood of winning seats seems clear that they will get it. But the poll predictions show that the clash for seats from the PPC side will be with the Greens. So far, we only know that May’s party has fundraised about 800K in 2019. The Bernier’s party has raised 300K within hours of becoming registered with Elections Canada. The difference between the Green Party and People’s Party seems to between the environment and closing Canada’s border to immigrants. 

No doubt, but Election debates in Canada must be fully transparent in the way that it allows all party leaders to add their voice, not exclude them.

Written by Meladul Haq Ahmadzai, former candidate in Ottawa city election.