Canada Election 2019: Trudeau says little on UN Security Council Seat

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, is seeking to run in the federal election in Canada, but in the past, he made promise that is to have Canada sit on the UN Security Council in New York, but so far, he has kept his words minimal regarding this issue.

The election will be held in October and Canada hasn’t increased its military budget, but instead, it has reduced foreign combat activities. If elected to office again, Trudeau will likely increase the military budget.

This election 2019 is more about how to help internal citizens in Canada and less support to go outside. But Canada needs to do more to secure the world. According to one figure, there are about 70 million refugees who are displaced in the world.

The countries currently causing tensions includes Yemen, and Somalia. These countries are seeing instability. Canada, U.S. and United Kingdom were also involved in the war in Afghanistan.

If Canada becomes a global power for security, it would have to compete with US, China and Russia for the seat on UN Security Council.

Canada is just not ready for such a job, and Canada’s seat can only be supported by US and if US pulls out that is when Canada can get the green signal.

However, the problems remain to be seen in the unsecured countries, and work is left to do for such countries like Canada to help out more in order to save the people.