Ontario Government Knows Kids With Autism Can’t Get Well, Cut Funding Only Good Option

CHEO workers who demonstrated against Ford’s government regarding autism file should be ashamed of themselves. The staff at the hospitals are the problem creators from beginning. When did we hear in Ontario that a kid with autism got cured “became normal”? Never!

So it is radically correct and fully agree that Ontario doctors and nurses jobs should be gone from the province.
In total, Ford cut about 3 billion from the health portfolio. He knows that Ontarians would rather live off “buck a beer” than real meat.
So, the only way to fight the conflict between healthcare workers and these cuts is through the courts.
The other conflict is how the kids became sick from beginning and there could be an argument for Ontario government to take the hospital to court since they are the ones who fills out the disability forms. Doctor’s make 12 billion in Ontario, combined, according to the Toronto Stars latest report.
The way on health especially on autism file is now clear – no more help for kids says Ford’s gov.
It remains clearer that government wants to erase deficit but do people like that? Yes, they elected a premier who promised to save 6 billion.