Kabul Becoming A Deadly Place in Afghanistan for Presidential Candidates

In recent week, the Kabul city has become a deadly place to live in these days due to the bombs getting closer and closer in killing people including targeting presidential candidates. People from Kunduz are leaving that part of the city to gain a normal life in Kabul, and so does the people of Jalalabad hope for, but there is no safety anywhere in Afghanistan including in Kabul city.

However, the government forces patrol the city making it more insecure while the U.S. drones kills innocent people in Kunduz and Jalalabad making the remaining people to move and rely on support of the United Nations.

Despite the security in one of the deadliest places in the world, some call it madness and no proper justice for transparency and obey of the human rights. The US left the Human Rights Commission recently after several violations of abuses recorded against the government.

Is the fighting winnable by the U.S.? No.  The youth of today in Afghanistan stand hand to hand with Taliban and they will continue to fight as long as the country faces a war.

There is no durable solution on all sides of the war, unless Afghan government forces start to take the responsibility to protect Afghans including proper protection of election candidates.