Peace in Afghanistan only agreed if US troops can stay, Afghans continue to suffer

There are three players in the conflict – Afghan government, Taliban and United States. While U.S. controls the security situation, but Talib and Afghan government play politics in the country. But all these players contribute to civilian casualties with Americans topping on the list.

The Afghan people will go to the election polls in September of this year, an election which has been postponed for the past three years. The same people who were involved in the war from back in the days are still involved today seeking power. All the candidates are now vowing around the word peace while back in the days they were vowing around how to destroy the country.

If Donald Trump thinks that bringing the Taliban to negotiate with Afghan government is key, but this making Taliban puppets of the American government, and Americans not leaving the country, even though their people want them to, then how is this peace? The war has been going on for the last 18 years in Afghanistan and prior to that for 20 years including with Soviet Union and Mujahideen.

The problem is that Afghans do not trust anyone because they have witnessed the fighting in their country.

It is not possible for a peace deal to happen during or prior to the 2019 Afghan elections. The election will take place next month with little preparation.