Canada’s political parties to weaken the Liberal mountain in the 2019 elections

There are five political parties in Canada that will be all competing for the power including current incumbent Justin Trudeau (Liberal), Andrew Scheer (Opposition), Jagmeet Singh (NDP), Elizabeth May (Green) and Maxime Bernier’s new (PPC).

Already, the Canadian people will do their job – elect their favour MP’s to represent their interests in the House of Commons. The elected representatives will create laws that will be a normal day to day norm of the society. These people become part of the legislative branch of Canada’s democratic system.

The top position that is Prime Minister will select Governor General and as well Senators. He will also play a key role in selecting the Supreme Court Judges, as of now there are nine judges.

The problems are funding for the system, and equal representation.

Although, the winning party will pass bills, but those bills will likely be in the interest of the people and would need to come from the people for the system to work transparently.

The 2019 election will allow the parties to weaken Justin Trudeau’s team when several of his past team members have apart themselves from his party.

Canadians believe a minority government likely to happen as a result of this election.

The election will take place in October of this year.