Ontario’s job cuts hurt everyone: seniors, students and people in government

On his one-year celebration in office as Premier, Doug Ford invited about 100 people to hear his announcement about cuts to jobs in Ontario that would impact the seniors, students and government people.

What is more important: the institutions or the people? In a world like today, we need government leaders to make progress not abuse seniors in hospitals as we have heard of several cases. In a world like today we need not to ask racist questions to disqualify service to needy people.

But when the world’s financial crisis occurred, countries like Canada and UK set the stage by putting more money into economy and helping businesses. To avoid it, we need to put more resources to the people, not take it away from them.

As one writer put it: people spend more when they have more, economy benefits when taxes are made to government, and healthy people as well as educated people puts a country in competition with others.

Children who receive help from government, helps back to economy at present and future.

Ford clearly has no qualification to understand the need of people of Ontario. Under his government, we will see a continue pause on economy and may have a recession soon if we don’t climb back up on the graphs.

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Former candidate in municipal elections in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.