Canadians need not to worry about election meddling from China, Russia

Unlike the U.S. where media hijacked the election, but it is different in Canada. We do not have a white supremacist representing any party. When you think of the Ontario election with Doug Ford – no one meddled.
But because the U.S. politics seems different from Canada – the polls were wrong, now it seems.
For Canada intelligence agency to say justice will be hard for foreign influence seems they have learned from fake political news and could well likely influence the election somewhat as to who they like to see win.
Who is to win the upcoming election? That will be for Canadians to decide collectively with each ballot cast.
It’s not clear, but even with computerized voting certain steps will be hopefully taken to prevent any hacking of votes.
So far, no information is available from Elections Canada about what steps they would take to address such an issue.
Despite who wins, Canada will be moving towards a better future for all.

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