Democrats attack Trump’s record in second debate for 2020 election win, focus on issues at home

Candidates showed interest in ending gun violence in the U.S. and as well fighting climate change among other issues.

First, democrats see the need for rejoining Paris climate accord to reduce CO2 as 15% of the world’s pollution generates from within the US while the remaining 85% is caused by other countries in the world including China.

Second, they want to buy back the guns from people who own them and increase background checks on new buyers. Ultimately, the solution to this is that most of the candidates see the need for to implement legislation in order to banned guns.

I think both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have great ideas on what the future would look. Biden wants to continue to build relations with different countries through NATO, while Sanders wants to build trust in the UN’s work. Biden said he has a climate plan in place if he becomes President of the United States that includes investing $400 million dollars to create jobs and green electricity by expanding on his past work on environmental initiatives.

I think the American people wants action to live in a cleaner country while also making sure that future government stays on top of issues concerning global affairs, both are leading threats to humanity today.

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