Ontario’s suicide rate may increase if healthcare services doesn’t improve

Sadly about 4000 people (mostly young people) die due to suicide in this province. This number is likely to increase if not remain the same.

Not only are detention centres the worst place to put these people, but the impacts of mental health suffers in silence.
When a young person does seek for help, they are told at first that they are depressed due to their school situation or other related circumstances. As the issue escalates, they are told they have other mental illness that includes ADHD, Schizophrenia and or bipolar disorder.

Ontario is going downhill and no light at end of the tunnel can be seen, if not it is likely already switched off. Ontario’s Doug Ford has made significant cuts to healthcare and as well to education by reducing doctors and teachers at these institutions.

Moreover, while hospitals promise good quality health services, but they often do poor on its annual report card and surveys. With Ford’s cuts, we should expect these numbers to decrease in scores.
The reasons that people get mental illness according to researchers are due to either paranoia, society impacts and of bullying.
The schools in Ontario should stop bullying some of these kids – they should instead teach properly with respect to human life.

The consequences are two fold: better education means better economy, respect means they are to obey class rules, quality health means improved scores on hospital surveys and cards.
If these simple but yet absent care in hospital and schools aren’t followed, we shall expect the Ontario’s rate of death among young people to become worse.

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