Andrew Scheer’s plan to tackle climate change will help Canada

Andrew Scheer’s climate plan promises a lot of support for technology stuff. His 2019 election slogan is ‘A Real Plan’ for Canadians should focus on 10 – 15 years as opposed to short term goals. Yes, no doubt that the plan would cost, but the fact that he would go after big polluters sounds smart, but consumers will pay tax on their bill.
I don’t think Canada is fully ready, but with Scheers’s plan it would be on the path to creating green technology from the expert sector and to do research on how clean Canada can be. Just planting trees is a nonprofit and city level work, so the focus should be dealing with climate change effectively.
I don’t want to say anything negative about the Liberals, but they have also taken the issue seriously especially at the UN and with Donald Trump. I have not heard of any progress made by Liberals on this issue so far.

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