Ottawa: Mayor Watson should reduce parking costs in the city

Ottawa’s mayor Jim Watson has some ambitious plans including a $4 billion LRT project which is underway in Ottawa. But the south end will unlikely see the light rail by the end of the summer.

The people pay for car gas, but also for parking costs roughly $10 per day when they represent government and do their jobs. Ontario’s premier has suggested that it’s a good idea to reduce government workers in the administration.

An example, he has reduced city council positions of Toronto. When Watson was interviewed by the CBC News, he said Ontario PC Party is facing a period of chaos referring to the budget and time.

Ottawa’s residents already pay taxes for water, hydro and property taxes. The people need to go to work to do their jobs and shouldn’t have to worry about car parking, where to park and where’s cheap, etc.
Watson should look at other areas to reduce or increase taxes.

If he can reduce restaurant patio fees, he can certainly reduce parking costs in the interest of stable government.

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