Buses are very slow to get people to work on time in Ottawa city

The OC Transport has probably taken every possible action to try to address the issue of slowness which can be see by the recent changes to the O-Train schedule and number of trains on the tracks. But buses are very slow to get people to work on time.

Thanks to Ottawa, riders will have an extra option added to their choice of travel that is LRT. According to a 2014 study, citizens opted for better services instead of LRT. Politicians haven’t yet worked on extending the light rail to south end.

Meanwhile, cycling makes commute even slower in some cases. The media and politicians have closed their mouth regarding the number of accidents that take place in the city, whether it be vehicle accidents or cycling accidents, however these take place at intersections where the lights stops are located.

Cycling needs to build around the light rail and bus station now that the decision to go ahead with the services. The city must also consider to focus on transition from bus to train taking place to be smooth for people living and working in Ottawa.

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