Opinion: Doug Ford should improve Ontario’s health quality, not make it worse

According to research, Ontarians suffer from heavy alcohol problem, and more than 4,000 die of suicide in this province each year alone.

Recently, Mr. Ford has announced to sell $1 beer in convenience stores, but the public has backlashed at this premier because it is an unacceptable way for him to money grab.

He has also proposed to reduce health staff, therefore creating more crowded hospitals and more wait times for patients.

Mr. Ford’s actions going forward will likely kill jobs, businesses and affect his government staff as well if Ontario’s health doesn’t improve.

Other issues of importance to watch for are housing, transport and skill workers. In this picture, all levels of government play a key role in the growth of the province.

Latest stats shows that GDP of Ontario will go down while the unemployment would reach around 5.5 (the lowest) by 2020.

His recent press conference on looking back at a year of progress can be viewed here.

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