Why Premier Doug Ford has ‘political motives’ and acting as a ‘loser’ in Ontario’s interest

This premier has implemented a $1 beer and has also given go signal to stores to sell cheap alcohol at convenience stores. Source
This week he contradicted himself that is he wants to start a center of mental health excellence. The public has backlash at this that what good would it do. Source
The premier has “political motives” and acting as a “loser” therefore not furthering Ontario to prosperity.
At the moment, also, development of LRT for Ontario is the big elephant in the room.
So, clearly Doug is no different from his brother Rob former Mayor of Toronto, and that the final agenda is to put people together on a one way ticket to mars.
His brother was an addict to drugs and alcohol so let’s pray the premier can change his politics soon.
The former leader of his party was accused of sexual misconduct. The province has also taxed weed, cigarettes and alcohol but the prices are not high enough as the goal for people to stop an example the buck a beer. The people of Ontario are going in circles so may be its time to do something about it.

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