After losses due to middle east wars, U.S. looked to Donald Trump to restore its economy through business deals with Canada

U.S. has imposed tariffs on Mexico, China and Canada in order to increase their GDP and sustain resources within the country.

The Trump administration has had tough and complex relations with Canada, as not only they have taxed the dairy industry but recently imposed tariffs on Canada’s steel industry as well.

Canada looked to EU to sell its products to them, however, recently Hon. Freeland said that the decision by U.S. to impose these tariffs are unacceptable. (Source:

However, Canada still has an opportunity to discuss with the U.S. based on mutual relations particularly since Canada helped the U.S. in different wars to fight with ISIS and Talib. As well, it would cost less money to transport since the U.S. is our neighbor.

In Canada, Justin Trudeau has done one thing that is to boost training opportunities for Canadians to learn a new skill, but the newly Syrian refugees who came to Canada in 2016 can barely speak the language let alone learn. Many go into restaurant business. Going forward, changes are likely to occur as promised by Mr. Hussein this week. Source

What has Trudeau done so far for Canada?

The 2019 election really needs a new face, either Conservative or the Greens or the NDP. But the Liberals can’t fix the environment issue therefore they imposed a carbon tax. Businesses are using all the means necessary to put their agenda in front of the political leaders. Namely, Air Canada, BMO and other companies have donated to the Trudeau Foundation.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s hoax of building a wall with Mexico has already fundraised around $3 billion out of the 6 billion dollars needed by cutting from US military efforts.

Also, the US has forced some people to migrate to Canada, and this has costed immensely and has forced some provinces and municipalities to use their own budget despite requests.

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