Brief Analysis: What we know about Justin Trudeau’s cabinet members, who they are and are they good for the job

In order for the country to see full potential, cabinet members must have certain skills to bring to the political sphere.

Mr. Goodale: He is listed as Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, however no where on his profile shows that he has the relevant education or at least experience in this field position. He is good at twisting the public attention on security issues according to various media articles. We have yet to see him play a crucial role in the public sphere on emergency disasters. Recently, Ottawa faced two climate related events where this minister did not bother to support the province or yet alone the city government.

Mr. MacAulay: He is listed as Vet affairs and his educational background is unclear. He says he has business experience and farming. How does he understand the vet issues? Recently, he hided the memorial opening from vet families and later apologized. Is he the right person to do this job? What is Trudeau thinking?

Hon. Bennett: She is listed as Indigenous relations where she has held 75 town halls. It is not yet known but this minister takes her work seriously. And she can do any work she pleases. Also, she would do even better if she takes the health portfolio or perhaps serve on the health committee. She has done great work in the indigenous community so far. In fact there are Senators who are from that area currently serving in the executive.

Mr. Leblanc: He is listed as Northern affairs and trade and has gone to law school. He has been in office since 2000. He was Chretien’s right man back in old days. He does not have the economic experience that allows him to do well in this position. He should be given a different portfolio.

Mr. Navdeep: He is serving as innovation, science and economic and is a member of different health groups including serving on Heart Stroke Ontario. He seems to like to always issue press releases of new funding. He has a bad record and should be immediately removed before he imposes his values on Canadians.

Mr. Morneau: He is the current finance position holder and were not aware of when he did amazing work. According to his profile he did most work during his regime in office. He cares about Africa where he started a school fund for a refugee camp. He has managed a family business and he is MP for Toronto. We can’t comment anything negative not positive.

Hon. Freeland is charge of foreign affairs where she conducts meetings with foreign countries on Canadian interest. Not clear If she has a good record other than serve journalist and studying at Harvard. If you ask Canadians they probably don’t even recognize her as a minister. She is a disgrace to Justin Trudeau.

More listing to be added soon.

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