Afghan Warlords to Skip National Peace Process Discussion

Earlier this week, Afghan former president Karzai said that the move by the current government to organize a local peace process discussion is not what the country needs at the moment. After this, Hekmatyar, Atmar, and others said they too want no part in the discussions.
Warlords want no part of the civilians taking part in separate discussions on peace process within the country. It was envisioned that some 3000 people would take part manly from the Afghan side in this discussion.

Meanwhile, US Envoy Khalilzad was interviewed by ToloNews where he said that peace is far away in Afghanistan despite the past attempts to reconcile with the Taliban. Afghan Presidential elections are coming up quickly, while US, China, and Russia have called on ceasefire.
This is the first time that Russia has put a foot in the Afghan war since the war started.

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