What threat poses Canada for present on domestic-foreign policy front?

Canada will soon debate the issue of threat to domestic-foreign policy in the upcoming election and Canadians are going to vote for the party that understands the needs of internal Canadians.

In 2015-16 Canada invited a big number of Syrian refugees amid backlash on security front. Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-us-canada-35075181/pm-trudeau-welcomes-syrian-refugees-to-canada

However not enough attention was given to the future of the country.
Now, we have seen what is happening around the world from New Zealand to Sri Lanka to Afghanistan, fighting, bombings have reached climax.

The same governments that have funded war, will now see doomsday at home sooner if not now. Is Canada one of them? In fact, Canada and allies participated in many wars as part of U.S. – NATO Missions. We have seen it in Syria and Iraq which left the country people to its knees. We have seen it in Afghanistan which for ten years left many families without answers.

Most recently, the same government that supported Talib now oppose agenda and supports Trump meaning to mock America. This was seen by recent foreign minister of Iran saying you cannot negotiate with Taliban the future of Afghanistan. Source: https://kashmirreader.com/2019/04/25/future-of-afghanistan-cannot-be-negotiated-with-taliban-iranian-foreign-minister/

During the U.S. election, Trump ordered all Muslims to be blacklisted from entering the States. Some suggests that this policy as part of the USA constitution breaches the right to freely movement.
Conservatives have been tough on crime and they will continue to fight till they get elected. Justin Trudeau (just a name) has no chance of winning the seat of politics in Canada again.

With Trudeau creating the mess, with Bush starting wars, with international agenda to haunt back, all we as citizens can do is to protect our own selves.
Who are you with this election?

Meladul Haq Ahmadzai
Former candidate

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Former candidate in municipal elections in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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