Fraudsters are evidently in control of results of local elections – Ottawa

The last two elections in Ottawa clearly show how fraudsters are behind closed doors making deals with candidates to win. Who has the money? Election, as we think, is or at least should be about democracy and fairness. However, leading to election poll shows that many do not vote in city politics therefore questions remain as to who is winning. We want change yells the bear! How? The same politician to get same amount of votes.
Meanwhile, Muslim candidates received no more than 2,500 votes, while second leader repeatedly received somewhat 20,000. Mayor received 70,000 votes. The population is projected to reach 950,000 people by end of 2020.
Now, government doesn’t know how to deal with housing crisis, while also city hasn’t found any land. This issue isn’t serious unless we get Habitat build the houses for community.
Hopefully, change and fraudsters will be gone in next time election to demonstrate demo and fair.

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Former candidate in municipal elections in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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