Report: Afghanistan’s war leaves 10,000 civilians hurt last year alone, president says other figure

The United Nations mission in Afghanistan has put out fresh stats on the civilian casualties in Afghanistan. The numbers aren’t accurate and makes no sense. It states that civilian casualties reached 10,000 in 2018. The report further adds that 32,000 civilians killed and another 60,000 injured since they started counting 10 years ago in Afghanistan. They attribute it to the Taliban.

However, now the U.S. wants peace because all other doors are closed. Example: 100,000 forces brought no peace other than destruction. What can 7000 forces achieve? Taliban have called on U.S. to leave Afghanistan once and for all.

Currently there are 40,000 anti-government forces within the country which comprised of Taliban and Daesh. President Donald Trump said he will eliminate ISIS from the region, but according to Afghan presidential candidates, these forces have increased.
Not only has ISIS gained ground in Afghanistan during U.S. war, but unclear who invited them to the region to fight for the cause.

The real solution to the problem rests within the region – Pakistan, Afghan and Indian relations need to be enhanced for any future peace to be avail.

According to Afghan President, some 60-100 Afghans die daily. Although, government authorities lower the numbers in reports, but if Ghani is correct this leaves the total to somewhere around 36,000. This means UN figures are incorrect as it contradicts the president who has first hand knowledge.

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