Meladul Haq Ahmadzai

Afghanistan goes from “war” to “peace” to “self-reliance path”


We’ve seen the facts of child soldiers participating in combat zones such as Afghanistan, and elsewhere. This included a Canadian named Omar Khadr who was 15 when wounded by U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Khadr took the Canadian agents to court and that according to Toronto Star report, he received some 10.5 million dollars.

Last year, in an embassy in Turkey, agents cut a body into small pieces of a Saudi journalist. It is unclear why this made headlines.

As always, the leaders of Afghanistan and U.S. have reiterated that a political settlement in Afghanistan can only be accomplished through a political process.

Last week, the Taliban held a second meeting in Moscow, not in Afghanistan where it should have taken place, leaving many to question what role Russia will play in the future of Afghans.

Yesterday, President of Afghanistan said that he would give an office to the Taliban either in Kabul or Kandahar. This means that government too wants to discuss peace, but others are delaying the talks between them and Taliban.

Some 2500 Canadians died in the battle in Afghanistan, namely in Kandahar province. These Canadians will not see a single nickel unlike Khadr as they were thirsty for money.

Afghanistan goes from “war” to “peace” to “self-reliance path”

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