Meladul Haq Ahmadzai

Aftermath of Canadian engagement in Afghanistan – what now?

Canada feed own employment while Harper and Chretien were in power. Now more than ever all those soldiers are back home leaving many to wonder what help they are getting from Trudeau.

Canada forces complain about lack of support for them in place and require integration to work force. Some 40,000 served in Kandahar a strong hold of Taliban, but only 2500 died. According to latest figures there are only 40,000 Taliban forces in Afghanistan actively engaged in the battle till now.

Now, a peace plan for the country is in discussion. Canada should be a part of that discussion in Afghanistan not just the U.S. because it served in the war torn country.

Earlier we saw some 25,000 Syrian refugees come to Canada while Canadian allies carried out airstrikes in Syria.

If the wars are coming to an end, Canada should take action to keep legacy in a good way through peace diplomacy.

Aftermath of Canadian engagement in Afghanistan – what now?

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