What you should know about Ottawa City Hall’s budget spending

What you should know about Ottawa City Hall’s budget spending

There are many problems in the Ottawa area, such as transportation and lack of budget for community activities.

Councillors who get their vote from the community, they turn pro-city, thereby leaving members of the community without hope.

These politicians enjoy giving the taxes back to businesses such as Shopify, Lansdown arena, Developers, the Go Sens Go and god knows the list may be long.

I often hear from residents through the news as they complain about pot holes, road side accidents and the cycling infrastructure that cause death.

These people who count on their city councillors to provide them with better bang for their buck, leaves many to ask what exactly is happening at city hall chamber with our money.

In 2017, council voted to spend remaining budget on infrastructure. In 2018, that continued by $500 million to infrastructure. Meanwhile, community activities only saw about some $10 million.

According to the news article, traffic fatalities have increased 7 years in a row while the 2018 is the highest out of past years. (Source: https://globalnews.ca/news/4334278/fatalities-from-traffic-accidents-reached-7-year-high-in-2017-data/)

According to a commuter survey in Ottawa, there are more drivers than transit riders. It is not clear how the city will increase transit riders especially with the above noted investment.

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