How to include everyone in upcoming Election to increase voter turn out?

There is a problem with our democratic system in Canada that doesn’t allow everyone to cast their ballots leading to exclusion.

Obviously, the system is one for voting – I am not proposing changes to the voting system – I am recommending some options to increase voter turn out.

Who is excluded? They include seniors, people with disabilities of all kinds, hospital patients to name a few categorical. More can be done to tweak the voting system to include these people.

What can be done? The government needs to start thinking about including everyone, just as they use internet campaigns, phone calling, postage etc., this too must be done the opposite to allow people to cast their vote. What I mean is that federal election should make voting at the door, allow online voting etc., in order to have a strong turn out.

Don’t worry Russia will not attack out democracy as the lies continue in the U.S. media circles to scare people off.

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