Conflict between Taliban and U.S., to be solved only through regional efforts

Conflict between Taliban and U.S., to be solved only through regional efforts subject to improved social conditions not for return to doomsday

The United States government cannot be both an attacker and as well a conflict resolution expert because the Taliban have disputes with Americans not the local government within the country even though they lose forces in the fight.

Osama bin laden was hosted by the Taliban and was killed in Pakistan under Obama’s regime. He escaped from Tora Bora through a government sponsored helicopter just hours before attacks on the villages of Tora Bora.

What’s now left in Afghanistan? Very little. Migrants are returning in big numbers back to their home land. Pakistan has closed the door on Afghans by taking away visa, not a recipe for good neighboring relations.

To address the poverty concerns – the only option available seems to be is boost income for Afghans in order for them to start businesses and feed their family, especially for rural.

Afghanistan is already on track – just look at Afghanistan’s export rate income for 2018 year, which is roughly $1 Billion.

Last month, Donald Trump announced half of American forces to withdraw. Although, the economy is good, however, conditions within regional seems to be ignored.

To this end, Russia and the Geneva conference have taken place, however now experts believe development is key to answer Afghan problems.

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