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Decision On Afghanistan Peace Likely To Come After Election

Taliban group shown their readiness to outline their issues in moving towards peace in Afghanistan with different embassy delegates this year. This is a positive sign and can be seen in their participation in Moscow and Qatar gatherings. All Afghans want to live in a peaceful nation. For the past 40 years, the war-torn people […]

Canada’s Government not genuine with Canadians at election time, causing fear and doubt

First, the issue of hiring family, pals and donors to high paying position such as judges is extremely alarming. Canadians always want transparency when it comes to federal politics. In addition, CSIS, the Canada’s spy agency said that what occurred with the U.S. elections concerning Donald Trump, would eventually occur here at home. In any […]

Canadians need not to worry about election meddling from China, Russia

Unlike the U.S. where media hijacked the election, but it is different in Canada. We do not have a white supremacist representing any party. When you think of the Ontario election with Doug Ford – no one meddled.But because the U.S. politics seems different from Canada – the polls were wrong, now it seems. For […]

Political parties in Canada needs to democratize its election message to win

Political parties in Canada needs to democratize its election message to win Canada has one of the best democratic system in place (consisting of the Liberals, Conservatives, NDP and Greens) which allows more than 15 million people to get involved in the election process because they believe in their goals. Unlike other parts of the world, […]

Religious groups shouldn’t stand with political parties in upcoming election, lesson learned

As we have seen, the Liberals successfully pull basically all religious into one which lead to their victory in 2015. It’s not about the party rather about the future improvement to health, businesses, jobs, etc. It’s clear that they (religious groups) don’t get anything for their contributions, time and community gatherings in support of voting […]

Democrats attack Trump’s record in second debate for 2020 election win, focus on issues at home

Candidates showed interest in ending gun violence in the U.S. and as well fighting climate change among other issues. First, democrats see the need for rejoining Paris climate accord to reduce CO2 as 15% of the world’s pollution generates from within the US while the remaining 85% is caused by other countries in the world […]

Ontario’s suicide rate may increase if healthcare services doesn’t improve

Sadly about 4000 people (mostly young people) die due to suicide in this province. This number is likely to increase if not remain the same. Not only are detention centres the worst place to put these people, but the impacts of mental health suffers in silence. When a young person does seek for help, they […]


I MET THE LEADERS OF TODAY AND TOMORROW; THEY ARE IN AFGHANISTAN ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR SUPPORT TO HELP BRING PEACE AND STABILITY TO THE NATION As I was just out of high school in 2013, I had the opportunity to meet and sit down in a hotel conference room with Afghan leader Hanif Atmar. He […]

Analysis: Benefits of Canada’s new trade agreement with US and Mexico makes Canada winner by AHMADZAI

US depends on Canada’s energy sector to fuel current tech industries under new NAFTA agreement Just like Canada’s trade agreement with EU, similar approach is used, but much needed to the US as per their need for energy and construction. As we know, the US houses the best top tech giants and financial markets that […]

Andrew Scheer’s plan to tackle climate change will help Canada

Andrew Scheer’s climate plan promises a lot of support for technology stuff. His 2019 election slogan is ‘A Real Plan’ for Canadians should focus on 10 – 15 years as opposed to short term goals. Yes, no doubt that the plan would cost, but the fact that he would go after big polluters sounds smart, […]

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